Gypsy TravelsPH

Why Travel With Us?

At GypsyTravelsPH, we provide inspiring explorations designed to enrich the soul.
With all our tours tailored to accommodate short MNL layovers for air crews and
expats, comfort and great value for money is assured.


Got 24 Hours in Manila?

Wander. Explore. Let us take you to a tropical-style cultural and culinary adventure in a true gypsy fashion. Experience Filipino hospitality from pick-up to drop-off fully
guided by a team of local experts.


What’s Our Story?

After 7 years of work and constant travel, Abbey Manalili (Founder) was inspired to
reconcile and explore her motherland. The wonders of the Philippine islands had her
mesmerized. Rediscovering her roots and culture has been the main objective and
with the will to satisfy this wanderlust, her bohemian spirit was awakened. Seeking
ways for full immersion in the simple yet complex cultures of the Philippines and
finding means to do so have inspired her to share these experiences. She knew then
it’s about time for GYPSYTRAVELSPH to be born. To date, the magic and charm
continues to ignite fire in the hearts of people worldwide allowing GYPSYTRAVELSPH to be the leader in providing a unique layover experience in Manila.
She is an ex-airline crew who mastered the art of service after 9 years of solid experience in the international aviation industry.