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Cebu at Night

Philippines have been blessed with so much escapade stops, which makes every tourist coming back for more. Traveling to this tropical country can really give you a great food experience and fun activities at the same time. It has white sand beaches, mountains, and historical places where you can enjoy a peaceful but exciting vacation. The country has also the biggest malls with plenty of mouthwatering restaurants.

If there is one city that the Filipinos can be proud it’s none other than the “Queen City of the South” – Cebu City. I must say that this is one of my favorite travel destinations in the country. Cebu is just an hour from Manila, so if you’re planning to visit this spectacular place it’s not that far.

Travelling to Cebu for the first time? Here is a quick guide that will make your first vacation more worthy and convenient.


Fly Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines going Cebu (Photo by Ashim D’Silva)

The fastest way to get there is to ride a plane from Manila to Cebu. Several airlines offer a direct flight between Manila (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) and Cebu (Mactan International Airport). If you’re from other counterparts of the Philippines or even abroad, there are also direct flights to Cebu from Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Iloilo, Siargao, Clark and Legaspi. Foreign nationals from Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan can also make direct flights to this beautiful destination in the Philippines.

Step 1: Book a ticket online. So far there are many airlines that offer direct flight to Cebu, so it won’t hassle you with finding one. You can choose airlines that has the lowest airfair, but it usually ranges from P1,670 to P2,450.

Step 2: Book your accommodation. There are plenty of hotels and condo rentals where you can choose packages from lowest to highest and most comfortable rates. For tight budget, there are some hotels that offer a room for 2-3 person at P800, premium hotels and lodging charges from P3,000 to P4,000 per day.

Step 3: Get your transfer cab. As soon as you reach Mactan Airport, you must get a transfer service to reach Cebu City Proper, which can take you about an hour from the airport. Tourists usually take a taxi ride which costs P80.00 for the first 3-km range, but you can also book a Grab via phone app using Mactan Aiport WiFi, and it actually works. Some hotel accommodations also provide airport transfer from Mactan Airport, so you might want to ask your booked hotel if they have these perks for their customers.

Step 4: After a bit of rest in your chosen accommodation, the day tour will start. As a tourist it is more convenient to ride a taxi or take a car rental for a more comfortable transportation. Cebu City is not exempted from traffic, especially when rush hour (7:00am- 9:00am), so avoid starting your day tours at these hours. Some car rentals offer self-drive services for 24hours for just P1,500. You can also rent a grab for the whole day and price may vary from your list of destinations within that day.

Places to Visit and Fun Activities to Try in Cebu

Taoist Temple

Famous Temple where you can make a wish by dropping wood blocks; if both blocks are face up, it’s your time to make a wish.

Yap San Diego Ancestral House

One of the best-preserved houses in Cebu.

Terazzas De Flores Botanical Garden

Get the purest form of air while walking in the floral gazebos.

Fort San Pedro

This stands as the legacy of Cebu City, built in 1738 by Spaniards and Cebuanos as a military defense.

Magellan’s Cross

The original implanted cross by Magellan being preserved in Cebu city, which stands as the propagation of Christianity here in the Philippines. Many believed that the cross has miraculous powers.

Oslob Beach

Oslob Whale Shark Watching, Tan-awan Oslob, Philippines by
Jake Gaviola

The place where you can encounter friendly sea creatures such as whale sharks. This is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Cebu which is located at Barangay Tan-awan.

Kawasan Falls, Badian, Philippines (photo by Georgios Domouchtsidis)

Kawasan Falls

If you want to experience crystal clear water splashing on your body from a very refreshing falls, you must try the adventure in Kawasan Falls. This can also be the most enjoyable way to get a soothing back massage.

Temple of Leah by Christian Paul Del Rosario

Temple of Leah

This can be unbelievable, but infinite love really exists. This is the living proof of a man who dedicated all his love to her wife until she left her. The huge roman inspired temple is dedicated to her wife Leah, who died from cancer. It was also compared to the India’s world-famous Taj Mahal

There are lots of activities in this city than can keep you coming back for more. You can go trekking to Mount Babag, hiking adventure to Sirao Peak, or take a heart –pounding walk at the Crown Regency transparent floors. Don’t forget to visit the beaches where you can take a quick underwater swim with the friendly whale sharks.

Cebu is also known as the “Lechon Capital” of the Philippines, so don’t forget to visit the best rotisseries of the city such as Rico’s Lechon, Carcars Lechon, CNT Lechon, and the famous Boneless Lechon Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly. You can try the affordable yet delicious lechon of Rico’s, price may vary from the amount of serving which is usually in kilograms. Don’t forget to buy some Danggit and Dried Mangoes at Taboan Public Market before you leave.

Travel Tips:

Spend at least 3 or more days. I must suggest a 5-day getaway for this place, since there are plenty of spots to visit in their city and nearby provinces. A 5-day vacation can really make you feel relaxed.

Book your accommodation early. One of the most common problems a lot of people experience when traveling is when the accommodations are already booked, especially when peak season.

Check prices online and compare. Many airlines offer discounts for early reservations and during holidays, so don’t missed these perks of being an early bird.

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